NOTES: During Stark and Coulson’s conversation in Tony’s lab

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Hermes Replica Belt In a bid to become powerful enough to stop him, soldier Emil Blonsky undergoes a similar process (using some bootleg Super Soldier serum) but turns into the monstrous Abomination.After some punching and roaring, the Hulk redeems himself and it’s hinted that Banner has learned to control his transformations to a degree.Notably, the movie’s events take place over the same seven day period as Iron Man 2 and Thor in something officially dubbed by Marvel as ‘Nick Fury’s Big Week’. As a result, the order of these three films is fairly interchangeable.POST CREDITS SCENE: Tony Stark meets General Ross in a bar to talk to him about a team being put together.STAN LEE CAMEO: The thirsty victim of the best replica hermes birkin bags the soda contaminated with Hulk blood.Iron Man 2 (Nick Fury’s Big Week)War Machine and Iron Man join forcesTony Stark is harassed by Ivan Vanko, son of scientist Anton Vanko who worked with (and was screwed over by) Tony’s father Howard. Ivan builds rival armoured suits with the help of Justin Hammer, and an outnumbered Tony is assisted by his buddy James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes sporting the War Machine suit for the first time.POST CREDITS SCENE: SHIELD agent Phil Coulson drives out to the desert to find Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.STAN LEE CAMEO: ‘Larry King’ when Happy is leading Tony through the crowd of press.NOTES: During Stark and Coulson’s conversation in Tony’s lab, the agent reveals he’s being sent to New Mexico, setting up the post credits scene with Thor’s hammer.. Hermes Replica Belt

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