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Canada Goose online Alleged terror suspect Fasih Mehmood, left, was deported to India on Monday, and the Delhi police has taken him into its custody.India had been pushing for Mehmood’s deportation for the past six months, but required much coaxing before the Saudi Arabia government was convinced about the Indian request.Mehmood, 28, an engineer, was working in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, before his name allegedly cropped up in cases related to terrorism.His name first appeared during the investigation into the 2010 blast at canada goose outlet near me Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy stadium.It was during cheap canada goose coat the interrogation of Kafeel Akhtar an accused in the case that Mehmood was first mentioned. The police claim canada goose outlet in montreal there are call records to show that the two men were in touch with each other.Mehmood’s name gained importance for Indian law enforcement after they discovered the engineer had his roots in Darbhanga, Bihar which, the Intelligence Bureau claims, is the new headquarters for the Indian Mujahideen terror group. Mehmood was not in India at the time of the Chinnaswamy stadium blast, the police suspect he may have assisted the IM with money.The police will also investigate if he has any connections with the IM’s modules in the United Arab Emirates. Canada Goose online

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